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Get ready for your next bike vacation in the Dolomites

Exploring the mountains by bike is an exciting experience that offers unique thrills and direct contact with uncontaminated nature. In the enchanting setting of the Dolomites, Alta Badia is a true paradise for two-wheelers, offering breathtaking landscapes and an extensive network of trails suitable for all levels. As summer approaches, the enthusiasm to organize a biking vacation among these majestic mountains grows, an excellent opportunity to test yourself and discover new landscapes.

Which bike to choose to best live this adventure? And what new products and services are waiting for you in the Lagazoi shop? In this article you’ll find everything you need to know to make your next bike vacation unforgettable.

Mountain biking: which MTB to choose?

When it comes to choosing the perfect bike for mountain biking, there are a number of factors to consider that go far beyond personal preference. Each mountain terrain presents unique challenges and requires a bike specifically designed to ensure optimal performance and safety in all conditions.

Mountain bikes are an ideal option for those who enjoy exploring rugged terrain and off-road adventures. With the variety of configurations available on the market, there is an ideal MTB for every type of discipline.

Types of mountain bikes:

  • Cross Country (XC): These bikes are ideal for those looking for efficiency and speed uphill. They are usually the lightest in the category. They can be equipped with single suspension (front) or dual suspension (full). This configuration is preferred by those looking for pedaling efficiency and for races of the caliber of the Hero Dolomites.
  • All Mountain (AM): Designed to be extremely versatile, these bikes are effective both uphill and downhill. With their generous suspension (130/150mm), these bikes offer excellent shock absorption on a wide range of terrain, from rocks to roots. Ideal for long days in the saddle with several meters of climbing.
  • Enduro: Designed for descents at top speed. They have strong suspension (160/180mm) and very durable components. Ideal for fun in the Bike Beats Alta Badia Bike Park or for the famous enduro descents of the Sellaronda Mtb Track Tour.

Suspension technologies:

  • Hardtail bikes: feature only front suspension and are chosen for their light weight and higher power transmission than full suspension bikes. They are ideal for less technical trails where responsiveness is more important than shock absorption.
  • Full Suspension Bikes: Featuring both front and rear suspension, these bikes are designed to maximize comfort and performance on rough terrain, improving traction and control on technical descents.
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Why choose an electric bike for the mountains?

While mountain bikes are still the most common choice for exploring the mountains, electric e-bikes are transforming the mountain biking experience and making it accessible to a wider audience. These electrically assisted bikes make challenging mountain trails accessible to a wider audience, allowing cyclists of all levels to enjoy the natural beauty without the physical exertion.

To meet this growing demand, Lagazoi offers an e-bike rental service in San Cassiano. With our e-bikes, which are also available for children, whole families can explore nature together and learn how to move safely on mountain trails.

How to dress for mountain biking?

Planning a mountain biking vacation requires a careful choice of clothing, which is essential to cope with changes in weather and physical intensity.

Dressing in layers is essential: start with breathable technical underwear, such as the Castelli Pro Issue brand, which helps manage sweat, followed by a short- or long-sleeved jersey, depending on the season. If the weather is cool at the start, a jacket like the Castelli Perfetto Ros could be ideal. On the other hand, if you want a lighter start, sleeves and leggings are good alternatives. One garment that should never be absent from your alpine rides is windproof or waterproof clothing. The weather in the mountains can change very quickly, and a summer storm at high altitude can make your ride really terrible.

Whether MTB or road cycling, consider the technical clothing offered by Castelli, a brand known for its quality and innovation. Castelli cycling apparel uses advanced materials that provide excellent thermal management and breathability, ideal for both summer heat and winter cold. These garments offer maximum performance and ensure comfort and adaptability in all seasons.

In addition to the clothing, the shoes also play an important role, providing good support and traction. The Fizik brand, for example, offers technical shoes equipped with top quality materials and technical innovations.

But the indisputable item is the helmet: indispensable to protect us while cycling. The helmets of the Kask and Poc brands are famous for their combination of safety and lightness, offering the highest level of protection thanks to the MIPS system.

By taking a multi-layer approach and using cycling specific equipment, you will not only increase comfort and safety, but also make your day on the bike unique!

Don’t underestimate the importance of cycling accessories

Regardless of the type of bike you choose and the terrain you plan to tackle, your safety and comfort are always a priority. Investing in quality cycling accessories will allow you to enjoy your cycling adventures to the fullest, whether you’re riding on the road or on mountain trails.

When it comes to cycling eyewear, Oakley is the leader. Their glasses offer excellent vision and allow you to see clearly on all terrains. The Road lens, for example, is great for road rides, while the Trail lens offers ideal contrast for off-road terrain. The photochromic lens adapts to changing light conditions, such as when entering or leaving a forest.
For cycling enthusiasts, the right gear and accessories can make the ride fun or the ride uncomfortable. And remember. A bike backpack to carry accessories, food and water is an ideal ally.

Planning your bike trip: what to know before you go

A well-planned bike trip can be an unforgettable adventure. Here are some basic tips to make sure every detail is taken care of:

  • Bike maintenance: Before you go, make sure your bike is in perfect condition. Take the time to give it a complete tune-up and check the brakes, tires, and transmission to ensure maximum performance during your trip.
  • Proper gear: Invest in quality clothing and accessories.
  • Repair Kit: Leave nothing to chance and always carry a complete repair kit. This should include a multi-tool, an inner tube, a tubeless repair kit (vermicelli) and a bicycle pump.
  • If you plan to travel by air with your bike, be sure to check the airline’s policy on transporting bikes. Use special padded bags and cases to protect your bike during travel, and be sure to properly remove or protect fragile parts to prevent damage during travel.

Bike rental and guided tours in the Dolomites

Lagazoi Bike Rental will open in the first week of June, offering exclusive services for mountain bikers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cyclist, you’ll find the right offer for your level.

Our rental center has a wide selection of the best MTBs and E-MTBs from prestigious brands such as Santa Cruz and Whistle.

Our team of experts is ready to help you choose the most scenic and safe routes. Thanks to our strategic position near the Piz Sorega cable car and the Valparola Pass, we are the ideal starting point for exploring the enchanting mountains of the Dolomites.

Take part in the various events such as the Sellaronda Bike Day, the Dolomites Bike Day or the Sellaronda MTB Track Tour, an exciting mountain bike adventure around the magnificent Sella Group, also using the lifts. In addition to the Maratona and Sellaronda routes, you can explore the enchanting paths of the Fanes/Sennes/Braies Natural Park, the paths to the Armentara meadows or the impressive Passo delle Erbe. From San Cassiano you can also reach the Pisciadù waterfalls, continue along the splendid Passo Gardena and descend along the Hero Dolomites trail.

Choose your route and get ready for an unforgettable mountain biking adventure in the Dolomites.