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Hiking in Val Badia breathe in the mountain air with the right equipment

Take a break from city stress. Hiking in Val Badia brings you into contact with unspoilt nature, giving you a carefree feeling. Discover the scenic beauty of this valley in South Tyrol, where the hospitality of its inhabitants makes you feel at home.

Full of places to explore, it is a popular destination for hikers, but also for those who want to spend a couple of hours outdoors and enjoy the mountain climate.

Here are the best hikes in Val Badia: choose the itinerary that suits you

Val Badia can be appreciated both in summer and in winter, showing a different face, always with great charm. It is surrounded by the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site, making this area a must for you who love the mountains. 

Precisely because the trails in Val Badia are many and varied, we thought we would suggest a few excursions. The trails below are divided into three different levels, from the easiest to the most difficult.

We then want to make sure that you have the right kit to make your excursions more comfortable. The trekking equipment you will find in the online shop is certainly right for you: we have everything you need for the outdoor day you will spend with friends or family.

Easy hikes in Val Badia, suitable for families and beginners

Everyone can enjoy the wonders of nature, young and old. There are a number of easy trails in Val Badia that you can walk without any particular effort, such as the one that leads to one of the most beautiful places in this area: the Pisciadù waterfall.

Pisciadù waterfall, how to get there from Corvara

Set off from Corvara and follow path no. 28 to reach a wide meadow, close to the Grup dl Sela, where there are plenty of springs to refresh yourself and benches on which to find refreshment and watch the view. As you walk through meadows and woods you feel a total sense of peace and tranquillity. Follow the course of the Ru de Pisciadù river and, without even realising it, you have a true natural spectacle before your eyes.

This route is perfect if you want to organise excursions in Val Badia with children.

Towards the Lench Pond starting from Somput

Among the most famous and undemanding walks in Val Badia is the one to the Lench pond from Somput. This is a privileged position to admire the Sasso di Santa Croce, a peak that is part of the Eastern Dolomites. Set off from La Villa along the tarmac road near the church. The forests and immense expanses of grass accompany you throughout the entire route, with their countless varieties of colours. Once you arrive at your destination, pause to watch the gently moving waters of the pond. Get lost in the surroundings before returning to La Villa, to discover even the most hidden corners of this wonderful place.

Hiking to Passo delle Erbe in Val Badia of medium difficulty

On the list of the most beautiful hikes in Val Badia you cannot miss Antermoia, an area made famous by the presence of two UNESCO World Heritage parks: Puez-Odle and Fanes-Sennes-Braies.

Sass de Putia trek

One of the most popular hikes in this area, the Sass de Putia tour is a medium-difficulty circuit around the peaks of the Puez-Odle park. The start is from the Ütia de Börz refuge at Passo delle Erbe. Walk towards the first stage, Forcella di Putia, along path 8A, which takes you to the Malga Munt; from here, continue along a dirt road that leads to the foot of the mountain.

Following an ascent and descent, you finally find yourself at Forcella di Putia. Once you have recharged your batteries, continue along trails 4B and 35 in the direction of the Göma Hut.

Look around: you are surrounded by beautiful vegetation, in which you see animals in their natural habitat. Without realising it, you are already on trail 8B, which takes you past the Göma hut to the Munt de Fornella hut, the end of the high-altitude route.

This route is perfect if you plan to organise excursions in Val Badia in summer: in fact, the recommended time to plough the terrain is in July, August and September, given the high probability of finding a favourable climate.

Piz Boé is the must-do expert hike in Val Badia

Some trails in Val Badia put you to the test, but the reward is an awe-inspiring landscape. A challenging route with overwhelming charm is the alpine hike to Piz Boé, a peak over 3,000 metres high. It covers 16.9 km and takes about 3½ hours for the entire route, at the end of which you can admire the panorama of the Ladin mountains from a new, evocative perspective.

Starting from Corvara, you reach route number 638 using the Boé cable car and Vallon chairlift. In this section, near the Franz Kostner hut, is the most critical point of the entire route, a gravel slope on the ascent.

The effort made is not in vain and before your eyes you see the imposing Dolomites. Once you reach the summit, breathe in the clean mountain air and be thrilled to see a truly unique spectacle all around you.

Val Badia bike trails, discovering the Armentara meadows

A particularly suggestive excursion in Val Badia is to the Armentara meadows. If you are a bike enthusiast or simply have the desire to discover this green expanse in the saddle of an MTB or e-bike, this tour is not to be missed. At Lagazoi, we offer bike rental and the necessary cycling clothing for men and cycling wear for women to enjoy a day in the saddle with the utmost comfort.

Set off from La Val and follow the road to the Ranch da Andrè. Once there, a descent leads you to Sura Valgiarei: here you will find the Lech de Valacia lake. After a well-deserved break and a few photos, you are ready to get back in the saddle and resume your return ride to La Val, passing through Arciara.

Now that you have all the information, are you ready for this new adventure? Let yourself be overwhelmed by the emotions of the mountain landscapes.