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Sellaronda Bike Day 2024: the ideal clothing for your next adventure

Don’t miss the chance to take part in the next Sellaronda Bike Day, scheduled for June 8, 2024. This extraordinary event offers a unique experience for all road cycling enthusiasts in the splendid setting of the Dolomites, with a route suitable for cyclists of all ages. To experience the event to the full, consider wearing the official Sellaronda Bike Day clothing.

The planned bike route through the four Dolomite passes offers spectacles of extraordinary natural beauty. As you pedal along the route, you will pass through stages that allow you to admire majestic peaks and green valleys, such as Passo Pordoi and Passo Sella, characterized by alpine meadows with colorful flowers and imposing rocks. A particularly appreciated aspect of this event is the opportunity to enjoy these roads without the interruption of automobile traffic, allowing you to enjoy absolute silence – no motorcycles, no cars, just the peace of the landscape and the fresh, clean air of the Dolomites.

In this article you will find all the information you need about this sporting event, along with valuable tips on how to arrive ready and how to pack your suitcase, key elements to ensure you have a comfortable, safe and, above all, unforgettable experience. This is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed to explore the mountains by bike and to immerse yourself in the cycling culture of the Dolomites.

Characteristics of the Sellaronda Bike Day route

The uniqueness of this route lies in the possibility of choosing between various starting points, so that you yourself can choose where to start. To go into detail, at 8:00 am you will be able to start from:

  • Val Badia
  • Val Gardena
  • Val di Fassa
  • Arabba

Whatever your preference, keep in mind that the end of the event is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. and that, for obvious safety reasons, the roads will be closed to car traffic for its entire duration.

Since the route is circular, you will start and finish at the same point, a total of 53 kilometers. If you should be too tired to turn back at the end, don’t worry, as there is a special “Scopa” service, which consists of a dedicated vehicle to get you and other cyclists back in. This embodies the spirit of the Bike Day, which is by no means a race but rather an enjoyable experience designed precisely to bring together all fans of the sport, especially amateurs.

As for the elevation gain to be faced, however, it is about 1650 meters and may vary depending on the starting point chosen. To give you more details, the gradients of the Sellaronda Bike Day are respectively 1936 meters starting from Selva Val Gardena, 2030 meters from Canazei and 1650 meters from Corvara or Arabba (the increase in gradient in the first two cases depends on the fact that you will have to do an additional leg to enter the route). So decide accordingly where you prefer to start, depending on your level, so that you can ensure an optimal experience.

We recommend that at all times during the Bike Day you follow the directions given, for your own safety and that of other bikers, especially the younger ones (in fact, the event is also designed for families with children in tow). Follow the specially marked route while in the saddle and always obey the rules of the road, keeping strictly to the right. Also, remember to ride counterclockwise, as recommended by the Sellaronda Bike Day route guidelines: this is essential to allow all participants to move in the same direction, simplifying logistics and avoiding possible accidents.

Assistance and safety during the Sellaronda event

The organization of the event, as we have already mentioned, provides for the presence of specific rescue and assistance points. Although we hope you will never find yourself in a difficult situation, it is important to know them precisely in case of need.

  • First aid stations: first aid stations are located on the Passo Gardena, at the Miramonti junction, along the Passo Sella, at Pian de Schiavaneis, on the Passo Pordoi, in Arabba and near Campolongo; do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it.
  • Mechanical assistance points: should you have technical problems with your mountain bike, safely reach the places provided. You will find them in Corvara, at bivio Miramonti, at bivio Passo Pordoi, in Pian de Schiavaneis and in Arabba.
  • Starting points of the “sweeping up” service: are you too tired to finish the route? Don’t worry, at some prearranged points you will find shuttles that will take you back. They depart regularly from Corvara, the Miramonti junction, the Pordoi Pass junction and Arabba.

The Sellaronda by bike: how to pack your bags

Are you looking forward to the 2024 edition? Prepare yourself with the right clothes and accessories. A true cycling enthusiast like you cannot underestimate the importance of specialized clothing, which is essential to protect you from the weather while cycling. If you want to touch our high quality products, come and visit us at our shop Lagazoi in San Cassiano, Alta Badia: we look forward to seeing you!

The gloves and the helmet are indispensable for every cyclist, because they provide safety and peace of mind, in the first case by preventing you from falling and in the second by keeping you firmly on the handlebars, even in the most difficult conditions.

To ensure your comfort during the Sellaronda, discover our men’s cycling clothing and women’s cycling wear in our online store. As the event takes place in June, remember that the evenings can be chilly, so pack appropriate clothing for the season.

What clothes to choose for the Sellaronda Bike Day 2024?

In order to properly face the event we have described to you, cycling jackets for men and women play a key role. We strongly recommend the use of windproof and rainproof jackets, designed to offer excellent protection from the weather and to guarantee your comfort and safety while pedaling.

Innovative and perfect for outdoor situations such as the Sellaronda Bike Day, they are made from advanced technical fabrics such as Gore-Tex (able to repel rain thanks to microscopic pores on the surface, while allowing sweat to escape). An excellent example is the Castelli Perfetto Ros 2 Wind Jersey GTX Infinium jacket, which combines high quality and functionality, making it an essential part of your sports wardrobe.

To ensure maximum comfort and performance during your cycling event in June 2024, it is essential to choose the right clothing for the expected weather conditions and your personal preferences. We invite you to explore our wide selection of professional cycling apparel in our Sportswear Store.

You will find detailed descriptions of the fabrics, fit and comfort of each garment to help you choose the perfect kit for you. In addition to the technical jackets mentioned above, we recommend adding bibs, shorts, and technical cycling underwear for a complete cycling experience. To get the most out of your outdoor adventure, don’t forget to add cycling accessories such as cuffs, leggings and under-helmets to ensure protection and comfort in all conditions.

Choose your quality clothing carefully and pack your suitcase with the contents that are best suited to the cool weather you’ll find in the Dolomites in June. We wish you an exciting Sellaronda Bike Day!