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Sellaronda Bike Day: the autumn edition arrives

After the success of last year’s edition, Val Badia is ready for an encore! For you who are passionate about cycling, the Sellaronda Bike Day returns with the autumn edition scheduled for 16 September 2023. Experience the thrill of riding the trails at the foot of the Dolomites and wear the official Sellaronda Bike Day merchandise.

Participate in the Sellaronda Bike Day: everything you need to know

The event brings together more than 20,000 participants each year, calling together people of all ages, because the passion for cycling starts from an early age. This is a non-competitive event, therefore aimed even more at amateurs and fans of high-altitude bike rides. 

The competition route will touch all the Dolomite passes around the Sella, including Pordoi, Campolongo and Gardena. In addition to the panorama, during the September edition of the Sellaronda Bike Day 2023, the focus will also be on the safety of the participants, as traffic will be closed to vehicles during the event.

Characteristics of the Sellaronda route

You decide from which pass you start, depending on the number of kilometres and the route you want to take. We recommend that you ride anti-clockwise, to allow all participants to move in the same direction. 

The complete tour, which has you cycling all the passes, has a total length of 53 kilometres and an altitude difference of 1650 metres. While you are in the saddle, even if you are on a marked route with qualified personnel to give you support, remember to respect the rules of the road and pay special attention to families and children at the event.

At the end of the event there is a ‘broom’ service: i.e. there is a vehicle at your disposal and that of the other cyclists, which will take you back to the starting point, thus avoiding the need to use the bicycle in case of tiredness.

The vehicle will pass at the base and top of each pass, in the villages of Arabba and Corvara, as well as at the Gardena/Sella and Sella/Pordoi crossroads. This service is designed to allow an easier return for all participants. Since this is not a race, the starting time is indicative. The event will start at 08:30 and the roads will be closed to traffic until 16:00.

Cycling clothing: how to prepare for the Sellaronda Bike Day

We know you’re looking forward to this event. Get ready with the right clothing and accessories for the Sellaronda Bike Day 2023.

A must for anyone who, like you, rides a bike is a helmet. This indispensable item protects you from head shocks, especially from accidental falls, and provides greater peace of mind when pedalling. Another accessory to take with you are gloves: they allow you to keep your hands firmly on the handlebars, even on hot days or when the trails are more treacherous. In addition, they have another utility, that of providing you with protection in the event of a fall. Elbow and knee protectors are not to be missed either. In short, for maximum comfort on your bike, choose the men’s cycling clothing and women’s cycling wear you find in our online shop. 

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