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7 Designer Ski Wear Essentials to Magnify Your Style This Season

Are you preparing for your next skiing escape? Finding the right outwear, accessories, and equipment sounds fun but can also become daunting.

Skiing is a fantastic sport and an excellent choice for holidays. Additionally, it has become an increasingly fashionable destination with different trends and styles every season.

With this article, we want to help you find the perfect balance for an iconic winter look that will be both practical and stylish on and off the slopes, whether you’re going skiing, relaxing, or enjoying some aprés ski moments in a luxury resort.

Ski Wear Basics


Remember The Layers!

Especially if this is the first time you’re going on a ski vacation, this is one of the most important things to keep in mind when preparing your clothing sets. Of course, all things don’t match every occasion, but keeping the following order in mind, will guide you in the right direction.

  • Base Layers: This includes everything you’ll put on first and should keep your body warm and dry. It can be a two-piece (top and pants) or a one-piece that will protect you and wick away your sweat.
  • Mid Layers: Weather you’re going skiing or not, middle layers will ensure you will always stay warm. Including jerseys, pullovers, vests, fleeces, hoodies, and sweaters, you can easily find what suits your style and will trap the heat.
  • Outer Layers: Now that you know how to protect your body from the cold, you should keep away snow, rain, or wind. So choosing quality waterproof ski jackets and pants is the final step.


When accessorizing, your everyday style can be upgraded, and your skiing holiday outfits are no different. Investing in some premium designer choices will make your looks unique and priceless.

However, accessories are not just for style. For more practical reasons, remember that there are items you shouldn’t forget to pack with you, like gloves, neck warmers, socks, and beanies

Gear and Equipment

Having the right equipment with you is a top priority if you’re going for the whole ski experience. If it’s your first time, you should decide if you’ll buy or rent your gear, from skis, and ski poles, to boots, helmets, and goggles.

But remember, your must-have equipment is still important, as it can complete a look or even elevate it!

7 Designer Ski Wear Essentials

Now that we’ve discussed some basics let’s review some unique pieces to magnify your ski outfits with a few tips for both women and men.

  1. Ski Jackets

    For any outdoor activity, your jacket will be your main piece. You can go safe here and choose neutral colors and accessorize more, or try some trends and go for bold colors, metallics, or prints.

  2. Ski Pants

    Your pants with your jacket are both parts of the outer layer. These two pieces are your base. So you can go for a total look or even be more creative and try color blocking.

    Instead of choosing regular ski pants, you can find something different here for a more stylish look, like salopettes with unique patterns.

  3. Ski Suits

    You can play more with your style and choose a ski suit instead of pants and a jacket. Many brands offer different styles, patterns, and colors for both men and women.

    An extra styling tip for women is to choose a black ski suit with some additional details (like a belt) for an elegant and chic outfit.

  4. Hats and Beanies

    You can imagine that the options here are countless. Colors, designs, prints, patterns, and materials can all play different roles in your wardrobe.
    A trend that you can follow is choosing a luxury animal print beanie. You can match it with another item or keep it as the main piece of your look.

  5. Ski Gloves

    Ski Gloves are probably one of the first accessories someone will think of getting when going skiing.

    Choosing a premium quality pair will ensure your safety against cold and become another piece to complete your look. Consider finding a uniquely designed leather pair for your next ski weekend.

  6. Goggles

    An ultimate accessory to elevate your style are ski goggles. Except for their use, their different sizes, colors, and premium designs will be an excellent addition for a touch of sport luxury.

  7. Helmets

    One of the main items for your protection when skiing is wearing a ski helmet. Choosing a quality branded helmet can give you extra security and upgrade your style.

    It’s a noticeable piece that can either complete your elegant look or give your outfit the extra that was missing. So, don’t forget to consider your equipment’s style when preparing for your trip!

Luxury Ski Wear Brands to Consider

Investing in quality pieces will not only enhance your style this season, but they will last through more seasons to come. Here are some of our top suggestions for high-end brands to help you build stylish ski outfits.


Bogner simply offers exclusive skiwear at its finest, so you can rock a luxury sports lifestyle everywhere. With 90 years of experience and a passion for sports and fashion, their designs will amaze you.


Frauenschuh designs are inspired by the alpine world. These pieces are casual and luxurious, and their details, materials, and special silhouettes are perfect for every occasion.


This premium Dutch brand promotes women’s confidence with quality and luxury sportswear. Goldbergh designs can be worn easily in the city, at the gym, or when conquering the slopes!

Toni Sailer

Toni Sailer is a German brand with a premium ski clothing collection for women and men. Their luxury skiwear offers to balance the demands of the skiing discipline with fashionable statements.


Since 1952, Fusalp has combined modern with traditional, offering unique sport-chic sportswear for men and women. With their designs, you can bring some French elegance while skiing.


Choosing a total Sportalm outfit won’t disappoint you. This Austrian brand combines supreme materials and techniques to create modern designs offering a unique ski collection for every man and woman planning their next adventure.


So there you have it! Our ultimate guide to taking the slopes protected and in style. Preparing your bags with some skiwear essentials will keep you warm and safe during your trip.

Investing in designer and luxury skiwear will satisfy your need for an unforgettable look and will be an exceptional addition to your personal collection for many years to come.

Are you feeling ready to explore more? Enjoy a luxury shopping journey at Botëghes Lagazoi online, or visit one of our stores for extra tips and advice!