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Ski clothing and accessories for the slopes in Val Badia

The ski season is approaching and you can not wait to cross the slopes of Val Badia? In this article we explain how to dress for skiing and what accessories you can’t do without when it comes to this sport.

The ski suit, or the combination of pants and jacket, is what you need to stay dry and warm. These technical garments must first and foremost be durable while giving you the ability to make every movement in freedom.

In addition to sports performance, the eye also wants its part: in the section of our online shop dedicated to women’s ski wear, you will find brands that combine practicality with interpretation of the latest trends.

The same guarantee of quality and design is what we assure you when looking for your next technical garment in the men’s skiwear section; here space is given to proposals that will become allies of your descents.

What are the peculiarities of technical ski clothing?

These materials must meet specific standards. That’s why you first need properly designed ski clothing to keep you warm and above all dry when in contact with snow.

The table of 5 characteristics of a snow garment

Find listed below the requirements that make all the difference when it comes to ski clothing and accessories for skiing.

1. Waterproofness

Water-resistant jackets, pants and accessories (parameter indicated on the label as “water columns”) give maximum comfort even in the most demanding weather conditions.

2. Seams sealed

When it comes to ski clothing, it is the details that make a garment the top. Good stitching prevents moisture from seeping in and keeps the body temperature stable.

3. Thermal insulation

Depending on the material from which the garment is made, you enjoy protection from the cold. Down padding, down and synthetic fabric or synthetic-only padding are the different options you have for jackets.

4. Breathability

Like mountain or running garments, technical ski clothing also needs to wick away sweat and keep the skin dry.

5. Reinforcements and protections

Knees, elbows and ankles are most exposed during a descent. There are garments that provide protection for added safety.

What to wear under your snow clothes

A fun-filled day, whether it’s on the slopes or marked by snowshoeing, also comes through the protection that only mid layer can give you. In the mountains, the weather changes quickly. If, despite it being winter, the sky is clear and the sun is strong, you may want to unbutton your ski jacket.

  • Opt for shirts and jackets with good elasticity that perfectly follow the shape of your body, because a slim fit ensures ease of movement as much as warmth.
  • Choose garments that also cover your neck, so you can ward off neck and shoulder pain, which overtakes the moment you get cold.

Thermal underwear also has its uses. It acts as an initial defensive barrier against the cold by reducing heat loss. It allows sweat to evaporate quickly, ensuring comfort in the most sensitive areas. These base layer features are what you are looking for, especially when you engage in intense physical activities, such as skiing and snowboarding, where perspiration is high.

Skiing accessories, all-around protection

Thermal gloves and socks are the final piece of every skier’s look. The cold grips your hands and feet first; that’s precisely why you need to steer your choice toward ski accessories that protect them.

  • Ski socks, often made of fabric composed of technical fibers or wool, are reinforced with heel and toe guards. They present a snug fit, are fast drying and knee-high.
  • Ski gloves give you the right grip for holding ski poles and protect your hands from direct contact with snow. Their inner lining can be fleece for extra softness in contact with the skin.

In really challenging weather conditions technology comes to your support. There are special accessories whose temperature you can control via app from your smartphone so you can escape frostbite. The presence of a battery that will keep your hands and feet warm does not invalidate the comfort of heated socks and gloves.

Now that you know how to dress to go skiing and what are the hallmarks of top-notch ski clothing, you’re ready to hit the slopes of Val Badia.