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Winter mountain outfit, 4 tips on what to pack

What will I bring to the mountains this time?” is the question you ask yourself every time you are packing for a break? The upcoming winter season is an opportunity to check what’s left in the closet and find out, on the other hand, what’s missing, including winter sports equipment.

If vacations at high altitudes used to be synonymous with technical clothing and practicality, today they have turned into real catwalks. It’s celebrities and influencers who dictate the fashion using the power of stories and social posts, to the point of launching the chalet style, or the perfect après-ski look.

What to bring to the mountains in winter for the 2023/2024 season?

We thought we would write down 4 suggestions for you so that you can take everything with you for your next ski trip.

1. Versatile garments for outfits as warm as they are cool

Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding, it’s no longer just the technical gear that draws attention on the slopes. According to the trends seen on the catwalk, mountain clothing for the 2023/2024 season increasingly combines style and practicality. So among the technical clothing you find durable down jackets made precious by iridescent fabrics with which to amaze even during a walk in San Cassiano and water-repellent and breathable ski jackets in bright colors and bold patterns.

For your winter mountain outfit, there are brands that are right for you because they combine durable materials with designs that reflect the latest trends.

2. Cold I don’t fear you, dress in layers.

Dressing on the mountain in winter means layering your clothing. Whether you’re a skier or not, what you need to do is adopt the technique of multi layering. Given the frigid temperatures, always opt for a thermal shirt that lets your skin breathe, wicking away sweat. If the temperatures are particularly low and you’re into long, strenuous snow sessions, also try thermal underwear. So wear tight-fitting garments to keep you warm, but not too tight, so that you can move without hindrance.

For an aperitif or dinner at the alpine hut, experiment with pairing ski pants and a wool sweater. Again, provide a midlayer so that the pullover is not in direct contact with skin or lingerie.

Keep your feet dry with apres-ski shoes or winter boots and by wearing appropriate socks, woolen if necessary.

3. Accessories make all the difference

In your carryall of winter mountain outfits, did you put just about everything? In the snow, the sun’s glare is almost blinding, so sunglasses with specific lenses and thin temples have the ideal lightness for your outings. Then there are other mountain accessories among the must-have items to have with you, such as: gloves, tights and beanie. If your look is more sporty, headbands are also a solution to keep your forehead and ears warm.

4. Ready-to-go technical ski equipment.

Finally, before you leave, check that your ski equipment is reliable for plowing the slopes: insoles, edges and wax should be ready to get you down the slopes in total comfort and safety. The same care should be taken with the cross-country skiing equipment or snowshoes you use for an atmospheric snowy night hike on the peaks of Alta Badia.

Snow-capped peaks have an unparalleled, irresistible allure. Now that you know what you already have at home and what you still need to buy to go to the mountains, all you have to do is count the days until departure, pack your bags, and go.