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Winter in Val Badia, Unmissable Activities Between Skiing and Snowboarding

Val Badia is one of the favorite destinations for lovers of activities like skiing and snowboarding. In this article, we introduce you to the main locations where you can find ski and snowboard trails to test your skills, depending on your level of preparation and your favorite sport.

Before you even put on your skis or get on your board, you need to have all the necessary gear to spend a day outdoors without fearing the cold. When it comes to the mountains, regardless of the discipline, the advice is to dress in layers and pay special attention to what you wear under your snow clothes.

Skiing in Alta Badia is a unique experience

Test your skills with over 50 facilities that extend for 130 km and offer dream slopes, both for beginners on the snow and for avid enthusiasts. During your day, you’ll have the opportunity to admire some of the most magical views of the Dolomites.

Have you ever stopped to take a picture at the top of the Piz Boè cable car? The view from here is incredible. This facility, built in 1972, is one of the historic ones in the Skicarosello – Alta Badia area.

Where to go skiing in Alta Badia

In this area of South Tyrol, you’re truly spoiled for choice. Each of the locations we present below boasts ski slopes waiting to be discovered.

Skiing in Corvara

Sellaronda” is one of the most famous ski itineraries in the world. Corvara is one of the access points to this unique circuit around the Sella Massif, 30 km of beauty between Val Badia, Val Gardena, Val di Fassa, and Arabba.

In San Cassiano, the Piz Sorega cable car

Here, you’ll find the Piz Sorega cable car, which, with its 455 meters of elevation, allows you to easily reach an altitude of 2,000 meters. Did you know it’s also the starting point of the “Tru Liösa Foramsledding track, accessible to everyone?

Skiing in Alta Badia on the Gran Risa slope (La Villa)

The Gran Risa slope is considered one of the most beautiful and technical in the world, where every year, the great champions of the “white circus” gather. Here, both past champions like Ingemar Stenmark, Michael von Grünigen, and Alberto Tomba, as well as current athletes like Alexis Pinturault, Henrik Kristoffersen, and Marcel Hirscher, the latter being a six-time consecutive winner, have made the history of alpine skiing.

Alta Badia slopes in Colfosco

Colfosco is the last location in Val Badia before the Gardena Pass. From here, one of the panoramic points not to be missed is Col Pradat, at the foot of the majestic Sassongher, part of the Puez-Odle group.

Ski Schools in Val Badia, It’s Never Too Late to Start

If mountains and snow fascinate you but you’ve never put on a pair of skis or simply want to improve your technique, Val Badia has no shortage of ski schools. They offer private or group lessons for adults and children, with qualified instructors ready to help every student improve. If you want to take lessons, you’ll find the La Villa ski school and the Dolomiti ski and snowboard school in the area.

Offer for Snowboard and Freestyle Enthusiasts

Even in the winter in Val Badia, we talk about you as we imagine you preparing your board for the upcoming snowboarding sessions. This winter discipline is now accessible to everyone, young and old, thanks to well-equipped snowparks that guarantee total safety. These places are ideal for showing off your tricks with half-pipes, jumps, rails, and boxes to perfect your skills and have fun with friends.

Snowboarding in Alta Badia

  • One of the most well-known places is undoubtedly the Alta Badia Snowpark with its wide range of facilities for snowboarding, including a dedicated Boardercross track.
  • The Movimënt parks are located in various parts of the Val Badia ski area and offer areas divided by difficulty level and each athlete’s level of experience.
  • The Funslope at Biok, designed for young and adults, features tunnels in the snow, parabolic curves, and jumps, making it a stimulating challenge.
  • A magical place for children who are new to snowboarding is undoubtedly the Kids Funpark in Colfosco, ideal for taking the first steps on the snow and getting familiar with this sport from an early age.

The slopes in Val Badia are the right place to satisfy your desire for winter sports. Now, all that’s left is to choose the equipment for alpine skiing and snowboarding to make every moment as comfortable as possible.

We hope we’ve given you a taste of what Val Badia has to offer during the winter months. Whether you’re an experienced skier, a freestyle enthusiast seeking adrenaline, or prefer a more leisurely winter activity, Val Badia will undoubtedly offer the perfect snow adventure for you.